Becoming a trustee

Becoming a trustee

We’re looking for leaders with diverse life experiences and skill sets that want to help us to move Horowhenua forward.

As a community-owned Trust; our strategy, resources and performance are directed and controlled by our trustees. We welcome suitably qualified people to register their interest in becoming trustees.

The Trust Deed requires only:

  • Serious commitment to working for the Horowhenua community in all its facets and amongst all its peoples; and,
  • Willingness to undertake the duties required by the legislation – these are not onerous, and the main requirements are being “straight”, working openly and honestly for the purposes of the Trust in all matters.
  • Anyone not excluded by NZ’s Trust legislation can become a trustee.

The trustee appointment process is set out below and in the Trust Deed.

What criteria do trustees consider?

The things the trustees consider when making appointments are simple. They include:

  • Mandatory requirements set by the Legislation - New Zealand legislation has some requirements applying to all Trusts (no children, generally no undischarged bankrupts, etc)
  • Composition of the Trust (how many trustees)
  • Diversity and the need to represent all voices
  • Continuity amongst trustees and institutional knowledge
  • The Trust’s succession plan
  • Knowledge and experience
Professional development

We recognise that governance and being a trustee is a journey. We all must start somewhere, and we all need to keep learning. To support this, the Trust operates various development and training programmes.

How to register your interest

We regularly review registrations and interview potential candidates. When vacancies arise, you will be considered.

To register your interest, please contact us

Getting involved

Alongside our trustees, we need the support of our community to move Horowhenua forward. If you have expertise in a particular area and want to support your community please get in touch. 

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