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Get-Go Launch

The launch of Get-Go kicked off our events calendar and highlighted an exciting new way for employers and talent to connect in Horowhenua.

March Electra Business After Five

We invited Dr Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director of New Zealand Initiative to speak on New Zealand's housing crisis and share insights on how we, as a community, can make a difference. 


Electra Leadership Lunch with U.S. Ambassador Brown

U.S. Ambassador Scott Brown joins us to share his journey from Colonel to Ambassador as well as a quick visit to the Horowhenua Business Park to see new business that has relocated to Horowhenua.

November Electra Business After Five with Sarah Sherriff

Fix & Fogg's Head of Finance and Exports Sarah Sherriff shared how why Fix & Fogg chose the US over other opportunities, the benefits of starting in e-commerce before going too deep into other channels, and the key lessons she's learned along the way.


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