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Tuesday 17 March 2020

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Horowhenua Business Workshop Summary COVID-19: Prepare, Plan and Protect


The workshop, which was facilitated by the Horowhenua New Zealand Trust in association with the Horowhenua District Council, asked participants to consider a range of possibilities to prepare and build resilience around Covid-19. The key points from this conversation are outlined below.

Keep going: Our community is dependent on local businesses and organisations to continue operating. We need to continue to support our local businesses and organisations, supply products and services, and keep our staff employed. Do whatever you can to operate safely, keep your staff on board (and keep them safe and healthy), support your customers and suppliers.

Take action today: We’re working in a precarious environment, where things are moving quickly. It’s time to make a plan, modify behaviours and set an example of how to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Now’s the time to review operating practices to reduce the risk of infection and minimise the long term impact on your business.

Ask for help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many businesses and organisations are in the same boat. There are plenty of resources and support to help your business or organisation through this uncertain time. Use the supports that are available, both personally and professionally - as well as government resources.

Download the full workshop findings and suggestions (PDF)

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