The Horowhenua Business Park

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Building business in Horowhenua -  turning empty industrial land into jobs and opportunities

To grow Horowhenua, we need industries to lay roots here, so families do the same. By attracting new businesses and growing existing ones, we can support the creation of jobs and improve the wellbeing of our community.

Turning empty paddocks into a bustling industrial park in just eighteen months is an example of how the Trust’s commercial projects translate into social outcomes.

Across Horowhenua and New Zealand, there is a shortage of suitable industrial land for businesses to grow into. For businesses operating out of the big centres; they face challenges with the cost of living, traffic congestion and difficulties connecting with regional New Zealand. Horowhenua offers solutions to those problems, as well as partnerships with local training providers and a talent pool of local people.

After purchasing the non-core and underperforming vacant industrial land on Roe Street from Horowhenua District Council in 2019 - the Trust sought to use the asset to benefit the community in more ways than just a one-off cash sale.

In 2020, this property was consented, subdivided, infrastructure installed and parts of it sold to exterior cladding specialist Thermosash who are in the process of moving parts of their operation to the Horowhenua, centred on Roe Street – the site of the Trust’s Business Park.

Thermosash made a commitment to employing local tradespeople for the build, as well as a commitment to expand its current workforce to provide opportunities for local people.

In May 2020, Thermosash solidified its commitment to Horowhenua with the purchase of a further 7,500 m2 of land. With only three lots left at the time of publication, The Business Park will provide an opportunity for new and existing businesses to grow, right here in Horowhenua - creating jobs, putting more money into the community, and creating new connections with different industries. 

The profits generated from The Business Park will also bring us one step closer to being financially sustainable and independent. We need commercially successful projects, such as this, to fund our non-profitable ones, each playing a role in driving Horowhenua forward.

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