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Thursday 1st October, 2020


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Electra Business After 5
Growing the investment playing field

Sonya Williams - Co-founder, Director, Co-CEO, at Sharesies

Only 20% of Kiwi’s have shares, and the majority of that 20% are males over 60, who live in Auckland.

For Levin-born Sonya Williams, that statistic didn’t make any sense. 

Alongside her seven co-founders, Sonya saw an opportunity to make investing more accessible and provide everyone with the chance to grow their wealth.

Since its launch in 2017, Sharesies has gained over 195,000 members who have invested $570m between them, and now they’re going global - soon opening the market to US shares.

Designed to give all Kiwis the opportunity to become financially empowered; Sharesies is democratising the New Zealand investment market and giving those with $5 the same investment opportunities as those with $500,000. 

Come along to hear Sonya share her experience with Sharesies, and learn how an online platform is levelling the investment playing field for thousands of Kiwis at our next Electra BA5 on October 1.

About our speaker:

Co-founding Sharesies in 2017, Sonya and her co-creators set out to drive social and economic change in New Zealand by increasing investment opportunities for everyone, levelling the economic playing field. Coming from a career in startups, SaaS and banking communities, and specialising in product strategy, customer acquisition, engagement and retention, Sonya now leads as Sharesies’ Chief of Product Management.

Tickets cost $5 at the door.


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