Talent and Employers

Project Update
May 2020

The Talent and Employers project has been announced as the recipient of over $800,000 of funding from the Provincial Growth Fund.

Creating a one-stop-shop workforce solution for Horowhenua.

What would happen if we created a ‘one-stop-shop’ that supports local employers to attract, develop and retain their workforce, enabling them to achieve their business objectives? What would happen if we did this while simultaneously working with talent to realise career opportunities, facilitate skill development and connect them to employers with employment opportunities?

The answer is simple. Local talent would enable businesses and organisations to grow, providing more and more opportunities for local people. People in Horowhenua would be supported to upskill, to meet their potential and to find fulfilling careers that enable whanau to thrive. 

This project, previously known as Pathways Horowhenua, has evolved from its youth-focused origins, to a more holistic programme that covers all talent within the labour market and facilitates workforce development solutions. The project is currently being renamed in recognition of its new, wider scope and will be launched to the community shortly.

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