Talent and Employers

Project Update
May 2020

The Talent and Employers project has been announced as the recipient of over $800,000 of funding from the Provincial Growth Fund.

Creating a one-stop-shop workforce solution for Horowhenua.

A key area where the Horowhenua has lagged behind national progress has been in the generation of new job opportunities. The district – like many others – has been plagued by persistent out-migration, difficulty in establishing sustainable career paths, and offering its school leavers (along with those who would employ them) any comprehensive strategy for developing the labour force.

Drawing on a number of resources and with some assistance at the conceptual level, the Trust has:

  • Designed and implemented career paths for school leavers through connecting tomorrows employers with tomorrows employees;
  • Made extensive use of schools and companies to design such programmes and support both employers and school leavers in their involvement;
  • Developed integrated software modules to digitise these processes while building a comprehensive suite of data and tools;
  • Organised and operated a series of events on both the supply and demand side of the labour force equation with a stress on high levels of engagement (not just talking and advice) amongst participants; and,
  • Designed a model where the scheme operates at a full cost recovery basis to remain financially self-sufficient.
  • To facilitate the establishment of this service, a three-year contract with Central Government was negotiated to underwrite initial investment and development.
  • The Trust has drawn on the educators, investors and employers to guide content and govern the contract, which injects some $806,000 into job creation in the district’s economy.

The initiative, named Get-Go, ensures our people realise their potential and our businesses are able to secure the talent they need to grow and prosper. By educating, upskilling, and connecting our people with our employers, and ensuring we partner with the right enterprise to ensure they have the skills they need - this initiative has untold positive effects on our community.

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