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Monday 7 September 2020

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Want to know how the Regional Business Partner programme has helped other Horowhenua businesses?

Check out the article below to find out how The Baked Dane used their business support funding to help them take the next step in their business growth journey.


Lisa Brink - The Baked Dane

Lisa Brink started a hobby business in 2016, making traditional Knækbrød – gourmet crackers. Initially selling her product at local farmers markets, she quickly established there was demand for her gourmet goods. She quit her daytime job and set herself up in her guesthouse, establishing it into a commercial kitchen and turning The Baked Dane into a full-time business. 

Looking to take the next step in her business growth journey, Lisa was pointed in the direction of the Regional Business Partners programme which is delivered by the Central Economic Development Agency. 

After registering for the programme, Lisa met with her dedicated Business Growth Advisor, Carl Baker, to discuss the support available, and was connected to a local Business Coach. 

Lisa said her first meeting with the Business Coach was fantastic.

"For the first time in a very long time, that night after the meeting I was able to sit down with a cuppa and feel like I had a full overview of my whole business, our plan and even personal goals, providing me the reassurance of a clear path forward."

With help from her Business Coach, Lisa is now looking forward to seeing her business grow and is incredibly grateful to the team at CEDA for opening her up to new opportunities.

"Our Business Coach is a refreshingly direct and very talented man and I am very excited for what the next six months will bring and where The Baked Dane will be at the end of it. "

"Due to the support and funding available through the Regional Business Partners programme, a whole new door has opened for us and where we before felt nervous and a bit unsettled, we now feel like we have different avenues to play in."

Want to find out what funding could be available for your business?

Whether your business is focusing on recovering post-lockdown and looking for guidance, or is focussed on building capability and growth, the Regional Business Partner Network have plenty of resources and support on hand  to help Horowhenua businesses get back on their feet.

$100,000 of funding from the Regional Business Partner Network has been allocated to support businesses in Horowhenua. Depending on the needs of the business, this funding can be used to cover anything from HR, to business continuity, cash flow and finance management to strategy and digital capability - and will cover 100% of the funding needed.

Join us at our workshop this Thursday 10th September to find out how you can access your share of business support funding.

Want to know what business support is available for you?

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